July 20, 2010

A Decade of Amazing Flash Websites

  1. Balthasar Studio (1998) The techno music is rediculous but remember this was 1998 — back when it was cool to have a 60 second Flash intro. Balthasar Studio was a break-through site and set the bar high for Flash designers like myself who were starting out at the time.
  2. Blitz Agency (2002) This website feels like a big budget movie. The animation, music and effects are beautifully polished. I love the way the music changes from section to section.
  3. thevoid.co.uk (1999) This site might hold the record for longest intro animation but who cares. I miss seeing sites like this. Whatever happened to these guys?
  4. 2advanced.com – V3 Expansions (2002) Every 2Advanced website is a masterpiece, but V3 Expansions is one that stands out in my mind. I love the color pallet, crisp animation, and dark music. If you like sci-fi you’ll probably enjoy this site.
  5. ego7.net (2002) This site has been replaced by an updated version that isn’t nearly as cool. I believe the original site was one of the first Flash websites to mimic a desktop environment. An assortment of gadgets, including a chat room and messenger, allowed users to interact and play. The design of the site had a sort of cool James Bond feel to it.
  6. MONO*crafts (1999) Yugo Nakamura’s website from the late 90’s. This website is home to some of Yugo’s earliest Flash toys — very cool stuff.
  7. Who’s We Studio (2002) The 3D animation and sound make this site exciting and fun to explore. I only wish I had created something this cool back in 2002.
  8. Tokyo Plastic (2003)  I love the little Japanese Kokeshi dolls and the giant mouth that swallows the screen.