November 22, 2013


TIC TAC® Tag was a web-based HTML5 game designed to promote the Arctic Rush and Strawberry Fusion Tic Tac® flavours. The game challenged players to catch falling TIC TAC® creatures for chances to win instant prizes.

Several different technologies were combined to create this experience. Box2DWeb, a port of the same engine that powers Angry Birds, provided the physics and collision detection. EaselJS was used for canvas rendering and allowed us to easily manage objects in the game. Finally, Redis allowed us to capture realtime player statistics on the backend. This data provided fascinating insights on player behaviour and allowed us to optimize the game experience on the fly.

Key Insights:

  • The game was played on over 300 different mobile devices
  • The average user spent over 5 minutes playing



  • Ideation
  • UX
  • Development
  • Animation


  • Redis
  • EaselJS
  • Box2DWeb
  • Facebook Graph API
  • Javascript
  • CSS3